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Sex Hormones, Thyroid Hormones, Hunger Hormones, Stress hormones…there simply so much to navigate. This guide with help you understand your hormones, see how ovulation and your period work and learn about the most commonly hormones tested and why they are tested. It’s time to demystify the basics of being a woman. 


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I’ve been on a holistic health and wellness journey my entire life. As a teen, I focused on nutrition to optimize athletic performance. In college, I majored in dietetics with a focus on health and fitness because it fused the two things I loved most – food and movement. But despite great habits and amassed knowledge, my health was far from optimal. Throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I struggled with gut dysfunction, thyroid disease, and infertility caused by hormonal imbalance. My diet was healthy, it just wasn’t right for me. This shift in awareness changed everything.

My journey back to balance meant exploring the roots of dysfunction and removing inflammatory triggers. A mindfulness practice changed my relationship with stress, further enhancing well-being. Slowly and naturally my body healed resulting in incredible energy, optimal gut health, reduced thyroid medication, and miraculously, the birth of my two kids.

More than a decade later, my lifestyle feels like holistic well-being. Combining the well-earned wisdom from my experience, a B.S. in dietetics, a certification in health coaching, and a successful career leading people in the pharmaceutical industry, I passionately support women as they become their healthiest, most vibrant selves.

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