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Reclaim your health, radiant self-love and deep aliveness

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Which Of Your Hormones Is Out Of Harmony?

Are you on the slippery slope of hormone imbalances, feeling a little (or a lot) off kilter and you’re not sure why? Take this quiz to figure out which hormone to focus on balancing to correct stubborn symptoms!

Our Mission

Helping you Create Hormonal Health and Living a Life of Your Desires

My mission is to empower women to achieve vibrant health and live a life that truly reflects their deepest desires.

Why am I so passionate about this mission? Because I’ve lived through the struggles myself. I was once that woman—lost in her health, her soul, and her purpose—desperately wanting to align with her true self.

In my late teens and early twenties, I battled anorexia, depression, panic, and anxiety. The pressures of achieving success led to repeated episodes of burnout because I was living a life that was completely out of sync with my truth. I was a high-achieving corporate woman in New York, embodying the ‘Superwoman’ persona, yet I knew there was more to be discovered—about myself as a woman, about my health, my soul, my sensuality, and my capacity to truly live out my desires.

This is why I created Naturopathic Alchemy. This program is a tribute to women everywhere. It honors the transformative power of understanding female hormonal health and the importance of cyclical living. It’s about empowering women to embrace and embody their divine feminine essence, where the true magic and healing force lies

Our Mission

Helping you Create your Dream Life

My mission is to empower women to realize vibrant health and lead a life that reflects your deepest desires.

By recognizing the wisdom within each one of us, I support you in defining your unique health and intimacy desires by crafting a personalized plan that paves the way for the realization of your dreams.

Imagine A New You

Transformed from the inside out

Welcome, beautiful! Embrace the transformative power of naturopathic medicine and self-intimacy to become your most authentic, vibrant, and empowered self. Close your eyes and picture this: you’re not just living; you’re thriving, inspiring those around you harness natural therapies, holistic wisdom and deep self-connection to enhance every aspect of your well-being.

With Naturopathic Alchemy Discover what’s possible for you:

Step into a life where your health and happiness are not just hoped for but achieved. Naturopathic Alchemy is more than a wellness program—it’s a transformational journey that awakens your deepest potential.

Ready to begin? Dive into the magic of your transformation.

Take a modern day physician with a sprinkle of psychologist a dash of scientist and a healthy dose of natural medicine woman and you have the idea of the brilliance of Dr. Eva. I am always eager for her insight and expertise.

~ Dr. Jade Teta

Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Speaker

The Feminine Health & Empowerment Path

01 discover

Whether your focus is on addressing persistent hormonal health challenges, exploring the path to embodied intimacy, or both, we work together to uncover your desires, beliefs, patterns, and habits that contribute to any discomfort or imbalance in your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being. As you gain clarity, this newfound self-awareness lays the groundwork for your transformative journey.

02 explore

We’ll establish inspiring and achievable goals, creating a personalized roadmap to enhance your health and deepen your embodied intimacy. This process involves identifying obstacles and uncovering blind spots in your habits and beliefs, through a naturopathic lens. We’ll craft a carefully tailored plan to unlock your natural vibrancy, incorporating intentional naturopathic actions and holistic embodiment practices for enduring transformation.

03 thrive

You’ll develop resilience, enhance your stress management with techniques grounded in naturopathic tantric and Taoist principles, and learn to honor your body, boundaries, and needs. Together, we’ll focus on cultivating confidence and establishing sustainable habits, ensuring that you not only achieve your desires but also sustain a transformed, healthy, and vibrant life that continues to fulfill you long-term.

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Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together Ways to Work Together 

Ways to Work Together

Naturopathic Wellness Coaching

Enhance your connection with your body and improve how you sustain health and vitality in your life.

Whether you’re navigating challenges such as acne, gut issues, thyroid imbalances, fatigue, or anxiety, the foundation lies in understanding your unique bodily functions.

By exploring your body’s natural healing capabilities and learning about your personal compatibility with various health determinants, you gain insights into how these factors influence your thoughts, feelings, and movements, and vice versa.

In just four sessions, we will equip and empower you to develop and nurture a lasting, sustainable relationship with your health, setting the stage for ongoing healing and well-being

One on One Mentorship

Unlock your full potential and attain vibrant health through our Naturopathic Alchemy Mentorship program. 

Benefit from tailored one-on-one guidance that helps you identify the root causes of your health challenges, enabling you to live a healthy, vibrant, and deeply fulfilling life. 

Overcome the patterns and cycles that hinder your well-being, learn to nourish both your body and soul, and acquire the skills and mindset essential for personal growth and sustained health.


Discover the secrets to hormonal balance and vibrant health with our mini-courses and tracking bundle.

Flow Harmony offers a focused exploration into menstrual cycle syncing, teaching you how to align your lifestyle with the natural rhythms of your body for improved well-being.

Our Nutrition Essentials for Hormonal Health course provides you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your diet, enhancing hormonal function and overall health. 

Together, these resources empower you to take control of your health, syncing your body’s needs with your daily life for a more balanced and fulfilling experience.

Naturopathic Coaching

Discover your full potential and achieve vibrant health holistically with the Naturopathic Alchemy coaching with Dr. Eva. Receive personally curated one-on-one guidance to help you discover the root cause of what is preventing you from living a healthy, vibrant and deeply fulfilling embodied life. Break patterns & cycles keeping you stuck in your health and your heart, learn to nourish your body, nourish your soul and develop the skills and mindset necessary for your personal growth and lasting health. 

Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching

Sex…so taboo right?? Let’s be real though…there is not a single person who doesn’t desire (possibly hidden in the depths of their soul) a beautiful experience of sex, love and relationship. Most of us don’t learn how to cultivate it and most of us are not safe in one or all of those containers. But what if…the most epic experience of sex, love and relationships was available to you? Maybe you have tried coaching, mindset work, maybe you have avoided it all together that is where this work comes in. Through desire based coaching and the journey through developing safety, deep access, clarity, acceptance, embodiment, and present loving compassion transformation is so very possible.


Your go-to resource for valuable insights, practical tips, and motivating stories that will empower you to step into the quality of health and soul connection you desire as well as build resilience, enhance self-awareness, and restore your health as a woman. Join us as we explore the transformative power of naturopathic medicine and embodied intimacy coaching.


Your Naturopathic Doctor & Self-Intimacy Coach

Embark on a transformative path to wellness with Dr. Eva Yacobi, a passionate Naturopathic Doctor and Self-Intimacy Coach dedicated to supporting women’s health. My practice merges the wisdom of naturopathic medicine with empowering self-intimacy coaching to create a harmonious, holistic approach to your health and well-being.

My philosophy centers on the belief that true health encompasses both the physical and emotional realms. By addressing the whole person, I aim to unlock your body’s innate healing potential and foster a deeper connection with your inner self. This integrative approach ensures that every aspect of your health is nurtured, paving the way for lasting wellness and vitality.

Inspired by my own health experiences and the limitations of conventional medicine, I was drawn to the profound healing powers of naturopathic care. My education and practice are built on a foundation of holistic health principles, and I am committed to guiding you through a personalized wellness journey that respects and enhances your body’s natural rhythms and needs.

As a specialist in hormonal balance and menstrual health, I offer a range of holistic therapies tailored to women’s bodies, including herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and hormone balancing strategies. Additionally, as a self-intimacy coach, I help women cultivate a nurturing relationship with themselves, enhancing their emotional and physical intimacy.

I am devoted to creating a supportive and empowering environment where you can explore natural and effective wellness strategies. Together, we will address your health concerns using a compassionate, client-centered approach that empowers you to take charge of your health.

Join me on this healing journey to rediscover your health and reclaim your vitality. Whether you are dealing with specific health issues or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, I am here to support you in achieving your health goals.

Learn About My Journey

Your dream life awaits, just beyond the horizon of your comfort zone. Embrace the journey, and you'll discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Are you ready...

To reclaim your health, radiant self love and deep aliveness?​

Are you ready...

To reclaim your health, radiant self love and deep aliveness?

Let’s take the first step together. Apply here and discover a new path to vibrant health and embodied feminine living.