Unlock Hormonal Harmony

Learn the nutrition essentials to unlock hormonal harmony

Are you tired of feeling at odds with your body and nutrition?

If you are a busy high-achieving woman constantly faced with the challenge of balancing your demanding schedules with maintaining optimal nutrition. And now your find yourself with irregular eating habits, reliance on convenience foods, neglecting your nutrition and dealing with fatigue, mood swings, weight fluctuations, and digestive issues…

If you are a woman who just keeps going in circles, downing one venti coffee after the next , trying to figure out how to best feed your body so you can thrive mind, body and soul…

This is for you…

Sound all too familiar??

What If I Told You There Was a Better Way?

You have high expectations for yourself as a businesswoman, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a lover, and the million roles you navigate daily.

As time has gone on you have lost touch with your body and how to fuel it. Now the desire to nourish  yourself with a female-specific approach to your nutrition is becoming louder every single day.

You know it’s time to at least dip your toe in doing life as a woman differently but don’t know where to begin.


In this self-guided online 6-video course, you are invited to dive into understanding how to harness the power of nutrition and unlock hormonal harmony.

Inside The Course

Nutrition Essentials for Hormonal Balance

This introductory module delves into the fundamental principles of nutrition crucial for unlocking hormonal health in women. Topics covered include maintaining blood sugar balance, preventing insulin and sugar spikes, understanding satiety and nourishment through food choices, and embracing the benefits of whole food nutrition.

nutrition & your menstrual cycle

Throughout the follicular phase, heightened estrogen levels enhance creativity and mental sharpness, while during the luteal phase, progesterone elevation fosters a more introspective demeanor. This module delves into the nutritional strategies that underpin these unique phases, including support for ovulation and menstruation.

all about protein

Protein serves as a cornerstone for unlocking hormonal health in women. This module delves into the significance of protein, exploring its vital role, the various types available, and how different protein sources can effectively support hormonal balance.

all about fat

In this module, explore the misunderstood yet vital role of fat in nutrition. Discover why fat is essential for optimal health, learn about the different types of fats, and gain insights into which fats to incorporate into your diet and which to avoid. Explore general guidelines for consuming anti-inflammatory fats that support hormonal balance and overall well-being.

all about carbs

Carbohydrates can be puzzling for women, yet they play a vital role in hormonal health. This module dives into the significance of carbs, their impact on both hormonal and metabolic well-being, and identifies specific carbohydrate choices that support hormonal balance.

intermittent fasting for women

Intermittent fasting is an age old practice however for women how you go about fasting will either hurt your hormones or support hormonal health. Understanding that women are not little men is key when delving into the world of intermittent fasting. 

Ready to get started?

Josie A. <br>Program Alum
Josie A.
Program Alum
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“Dr. Eva is amazing, I HIGHLY recommend her. She is able to tap into your body unlike any other doctor out there”
Antoinette G. <br>Program Alum
Antoinette G.
Program Alum
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“I see a completely different woman, the goddess in me is coming out and it's truly amazing.”
Jill F. <br> Program Alum
Jill F.
Program Alum
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“Each experience I have with Dr. Eva I feel more educated on how to truly enjoy being in my body and utilize the natural rhythms that best support my highest vitality.”

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Have we met?

I'm Dr. Eva Yacobi

My mission is to empower women to realize vibrant health and lead a life that reflects their deepest desires.

Why you may wonder?

Because I’ve been that woman lost in her health, lost in her soul, deeply desiring to live in alignment with the woman I was put on this planet to fully embody.

I struggled through anorexia in my late teens into my early 20s, depression, panic, and anxiety when the stress of making it all happen was all-consuming from round after round of burnout, living completely out of alignment with my truth.

I’ve been the high-achieving corporate woman from New York stuck in her masculine Superwoman who knew there was more…as a woman, in my health, in my soul, in my sensuality, in my ability to truly live out my desires.

I created Naturopathic Alchemy to honor women.… To honor the power of female hormonal health and cyclical living as much as to empower women to embrace and embody their divine feminine essence…where the true magic & healing force lies.

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i have answers.

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